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Phoenix Infant Academy

art and design

Alizah, Magpie


    Year 1 collagraphs of weather                motifs linking to their                        Geography project

At Phoenix Infant Academy, we strive to foster a love of Art. This, we do, through our commitment to offer first-hand experiences to all children, both in and out the classroom, our engagement with parents/carers, as well as ensuring our non-specialist teaching staff have a secure understanding of the curriculum they teach. From the children's art gallery in the Principal's office, to meaningful displays around the school - our children's creativity is always celebrated.



Our first self-portraits.
The children are asked where they would like their artwork displayed


              Art club

Using Cornerstones Curriculum 22, Phoenix Infant Academy provides an Art and Design curriculum that helps build pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills over time; delivers clear expectations on what pupils will know and be able to do with their knowledge and skills at curriculum ‘end points’; and does so within the context of our specific school community.  


The little blackbirds in our EYFS learning to fly!
'Creativity is courage.' (Henri Matisse)


Through such projects as 'Mix It' (Year 1) and 'Flower Head' (Year 2), skills and knowledge including those of visual elements, art forms, artists and art movements, are taught and revisited.



experiential learning

We pride ourselves on the art experiences and provision we offer our children. This includes external visits from artists including Helen Elliott, taking part in International Dot Day, and also creating art galleries for parents to visit.




From Art with a purpose to celebrations of self-expression and creativity, Art at Phoenix is found across all aspects of school life and our high expectations clear.



Our external Islamic art workshop


Our curriculum documents can be viewed below.

For further information, please contact Art and Design Leads, Miss G. Tait and Ms E Sandy, on 01753 521888 or