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Phoenix Infant Academy


OfSTED says:

"there is a strong culture for keeping pupils safe "

The safety of our children at Phoenix Infants is of paramount importance and we pride ourselves in ensuring that every detail of robust policy is embedded practice. Although this a strength of the school we are not complacent and always ensure that we are keeping up with the most recent guidance to keep everyone safe at Phoenix Infant Academy.  

Making sure the site is safe:

Our site staff work hard to keep the school smart and safe. Your children often meet them around the school and you can too at the start and end of the day, when they are in the playground.

The security of the site is paramount, which is why in the morning and at the end of the school day you will always find senior leaders on the playgrounds and at the gates to meet and greet our families supporting the best start possible for our young children.

Pre-COVID, we had a 'soft start' in place for all classes, meaning that between 8:45-9:00am parents could drop their children off at the classroom door. 9:00am was then learning time! We found this less frenetic for parents, especially those with more than one child. It also meant that there was more opportunity for parents to talk to the staff so that we are all aware of anything that might be poignant in the child's morning relating to their health etc. Our COVID adapted staggered start and finish arrangements can be found in our letter to parents here.

All gates are now closed at the end of your child's class' drop off/collection time. This is adhered to strictly for the children's safety. On the very rare occasion that a parent is late dropping off they need to walk around to the main entrance on Warrington Avenue and telephone the office. A member of admin will welcome your child and take them to their class. This, however, should be avoided at all costs as lateness has a negative impact on both the child themselves (it can be intimidating for them to walk in when the rest of the class is together on the carpet/engrossed in their learning,) and also the other children (it means that the initial part of the lesson has to be reiterated to the child, slowing down the progress potentially of all children).

No child may be removed from the school during lesson time unless there is a sound reason. They must be collected by their parent from Warrington Avenue, who must sign them out (as per adapted COVID arrangements) and provide a suitable reason for their removal and evidence of this.

If a parent has been delayed and is unable to collect their child from school at the expected time, they must notify the school as soon as possible and advise when they will arrive. Children can become very distressed when parents are late. The children's health and well being is our primary concern; therefore parents who are late collecting on more than two occasions will be invited to meet the Principal to ensure this does not happen again.

If a parent is unable to collect their child and has asked a friend or neighbour to assist, they must notify the school with the name of the person who will be coming. That designated person will need to have been given the password, as set up by parents, by the parents themselves. Staff will refuse to allow the child to leave with an unknown adult and without this password. Staff will NOT communicate these passwords to anyone other than known parents/carers. When possible, if it has been known in advance that parents are unable to collect their child, you are requested to introduce the person who will be coming to the class teacher.