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Phoenix Infant Academy

Parent workshops / events

If only there was a guide to parenting! Bringing up a child in the modern world is a monumental challenge. We would like to help parents to enable them to better support their children with their academic and character development.  With this in mind, Phoenix Infant Academy offers a broad range of workshops and courses to further enable parents to ensure that their children SOAR, having every chance of a plentiful and prosperous life!

We offer two types of sessions, the first being open to all parents and the other being a targetted format. The targetted sessions are by invitation only. The invitation could be due to a child not making the progress we would hope or because specific families have said they need help with something. We also have small groups sessions which involve the children and parents together in the session and so would be targetted for the children and their families for a given day to make it manageable.

We pride ourselves on supporting our families and working together for the good of the community, so if there is any other sort of support you think would be beneficial please do speak to one of the leaders on the gates in the morning or at collection. Alternatively please let the office know, or email in your idea if you are a working parent. Parent voice is really important and was what led to our 'English for beginners' courses.