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Phoenix Infant Academy


School governance committee

We are pleased to welcome you to the governance section of the site. We hope it will give you an insight into who we are and what we do.

Phoenix Infants is an academy managed by Baylis Court Trust. Each school within The Trust is managed by its School Governance Committee and the Senior Leadership Team of the school.

A governor getting the perspective of a parent at a recent event.

Working in partnership with the Headteacher and staff, committee members ensure high standards of achievement for the young people in the school. We focus on strategy and school improvement; we decide what we want the school to achieve, set priorities and monitor progress to realise these aims. We have three core strategic functions delegated to us by The Baylis Court Trust Board:

  • Setting the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school, within the context of The Baylis Court Trust
  • Holding the Headteacher and senior staff to account for the educational performance of the school and its students
  • Ensuring the school remains within the budget delegated by The Baylis Court Trust and making sure the money is well spent.

How does the school governance committee work? 

The Baylis Court Trust delegates key strategic responsibilities to the committee. The committee  then work collaboratively with the Headteacher and senior staff to establish the vision and ethos of the school within the context of The Baylis Court Trust. We look at where the school is now, ask what we want the school to achieve and how are we going to achieve this. Together with the Headteacher and senior staff, we use the published school performance data, and additional outcomes from the school’s self-evaluation, to inform priorities in the School Improvement Plan. We set clear, ambitious targets for the school and develop policies and budget and staffing structures to achieve these aims. We appoint senior members of staff.

The committee members act as a critical friend to the school, reviewing the performance of the Headteacher, checking that progress is being made towards targets, and evaluating the effectiveness of policies and the School Improvement Plan. We also help celebrate the school's successes and ensure that parents are involved and informed as appropriate.

School Governance Committee members get to know the school through attending meetings and by visiting the school during the school day.

Our Governors 

The School Governance Committee is made up of the Headteacher and people from various different groups who have an interest in the success of the school, including parents, staff, the and the community. The committee welcome a range of viewpoints, and make decisions together about a variety of issues. Between them committee members have a wide breadth of skills and experience to enable the school governance committee collectively to support and challenge the school leadership. As vacancies arise specific skills are targeted to fill gaps in the group.

(Please click on the Committee members name to find out about them and any declarations of interest etc)

Name Type of Governor Responsibilities Term of office

Mrs Carol Pearce


Appointed by the Baylis Court Trust Board

Effective Leadership & Management. 


10.1.17 – 9.1.21

Mr Jon Reekie

Appointed by the Baylis Court Trust Board Outcomes for Pupils 18.12.14 – 17.12.18

Mrs Freeza Salim

Parent Elected Personal Development  & Welfare Behaviour 21.09.17 - 20.09.21

Miss Divya Parmar

Staff Elected Governor training 10.10.18 - 10.10.22
Mr Patrick Spence Clerk Contracted by the Baylis Court Trust Board   N/A

Mr Kevin Oakley (Headteacher)

Ex-Officio   N/A

Contacting the committee members 

If you wish to contact a school governance committee member, please email the Clerk to the committee Patrick Spence [] or send a letter (c/o Phoenix Infant Academy). The Clerk will forward your message or letter to the appropriate person. In the event of a concern about your own child, please speak to your child's class teacher in the first instance and then if this has not resolved the issue, request a meeting with the year group leader. Please refer to the school's complaints policy.

Become a Member of the School Governance Committee 

School Governance Committee members make a significant contribution to ensuring that every child receives the best possible education. They are key strategic decision makers in schools. Our school is a rich and diverse community and we want our governance committee to reflect that diversity. It is also important that as a group the committee have the range of skills required to fulfil their strategic responsibilities. By being part of the School Governance Committee you will be able to contribute to open debate and help the group to make majority decisions. 

Who can become a committee member 

Almost anyone aged over 18 can be a school committee member, you don’t have to have a child at the school or have any particular qualifications. School Governance Committee members are currently drawn from three groups: parents, staff, and the local community. Currently, there are five School Governance Committee meetings a year.  Some committee members take on specific responsibilities, for example, Special Educational Needs and Disability, which will involve further meetings. To help you understand the role, all new governors attend an induction programme run by Windsor Governor Services. Further training is available to enable you to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Our Multi-Academy BAylis Court Trust 

About Us

As our family of schools grows we are keen to ensure that high academic standards are at the core of our work.

We want our schools to develop further whilst maintaining their own uniqueness. It is this uniqueness that help to make the Trust a special place to study and to work.

Children are the centre of all our work and we strive to give them the best start in life as this is what they deserve. 

In order to achieve this, we work in close partnership with our parents and expect them to support us in challenging their children to be the best they can be in every aspect of their lives.

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