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Phoenix Infant Academy

Family Support

We offer a wide range of support for our families.  This is important to us because it contributes to the well-being of students, enhances parental engagement, supports holistic development, promotes equity and inclusion, and fosters a sense of community within the school. By prioritising family support, we aim to create a supportive and nurturing environment that enables all students to thrive.

Some of the many opportunities we provide include: 



Inclusion Coffee Mornings for Parents of Children with Additional Needs

These sessions provide a supportive environment for parents to connect, share experiences, and access resources related to supporting children with additional needs. It can offer emotional support, practical advice, and a sense of community for families facing similar challenges. We often invite external professionals to attend these sessions. Recently, this has included the Autism group, GEMS and SENDIASS. 

Feedback from parents is overwhelmingly positive about these sessions. 

"I have found all of the coffee mornings helpful. They are very informative."

"We found the SENDIASS and behaviour workshops most helpful as they provide further examples of how to best work with and support our child as well as give information on other resources we might tap into."

Please see the school calendar for details of the next session. 


Baby and Toddler Parent Sessions

These sessions are designed to support parents with infants and toddlers, creating a nurturing environment for early childhood development and provide  opportunities for parents to socialise and build networks with other families.  

Please see the school calendar for details of the next session. 


Parent Workshops for Curriculum Subjects

These workshops aim to help parents support their children's learning in core subjects such as English, mathematics, and science. They provide insights into the curriculum, teaching methods, and strategies for reinforcing learning at home. We provide opportunities for both year group and also targeted workshops to support individuals. 


Parent Workshops for Pastoral and Safeguarding areas

These workshops aim to help parents support their children at home. We run half-term behaviour focused workshops, supporting parents with areas such as routines, boundaries and choices and consequences. 

Please see the school calendar for details of the next session. 

Benefits Support and Cost of Living Support

We assist families in accessing government benefits, when required, and are able to provide guidance on managing household finances. This may include information on eligibility criteria, application processes, and available resources to alleviate financial stress.  We have run parent workshops on strategies to support parents with the cost of living. 

Year Group Curriculum Events:

These events offer parents the opportunity to learn about the curriculum. They may include presentations from teachers, interactive activities, and discussions on how parents can support their child's learning at home.

This year to date we have held a variety of events, including Diwali parties, bread tasting sessions, meet the chicks, Losar celebration, Class assemblies, carol concerts, read with someone you love and Year 1's Easter production.



Coffee Mornings: Informal gatherings like coffee mornings provide a relaxed setting for parents to socialise, build relationships with other families, and engage with school staff in a casual setting. These events also serve as a platform for sharing information, seeking advice, and fostering a sense of belonging within the school community.

Overall, our family support initiatives reflect our holistic approach to education that recognises the importance of collaboration between schools and families in supporting children's learning and well-being. By offering a range of programs tailored to the diverse needs of families, our school demonstrates a commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive school community.