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Phoenix Infant Academy


All parents have a legal obligation to ensure that their child receives their entitlement to their education. This is done by parents ensuring their child comes to school every day.

We understand that if your child is unwell they will not be able to attend school. If your child is absent as a result of illness, you should phone us from 08:00-08:30am on 01753 521888 on the first day of absence and each subsequent day, to let us know the reason.

When your child is well enough to return to school, you must bring in/show one of the following if he or she has been absent for 3 or more consecutive days (or 6 or more consecutive sessions) and hand to Mrs Azim in the office, or Mrs Spong in her absence:

  • A signed/stamped Doctor's note dated from the time of absence;
  • An appointment card signed/stamped by the medical practice or department and dated from the time of absence;
  • A receipt for over-the-counter medicine dated from the time of absence;
  • Any prescribed medicine with an affixed sticker including the date from the time of absence;
  • An official text from a medical establishment showing confirmation of a medical appointment.

For absences of up to 2 consecutive days, or 4 consecutive sessions, you must provide a letter explaining the reason for their absence. This letter must be handed to the class teacher or any member of the office team by an adult.  Please do not leave in book bags or give to your child to hand in.  The information received in the letter will be recorded in the class register and the letter kept in the school office. The registers are legal documents which are regularly scrutinised by a member of the Local Authority’s Attendance Service.

Absences due to illness, religious observance and medical appointments, for which we receive sufficient evidence as per our policy above, are given an authorisation in the registers. Absences for which we receive insufficient or no explanation remain as unauthorised in the registers. High levels of unauthorised absence, regular days off or periods of absence will be investigated by the school. As a result, parents may be requested to attend an attendance meeting to explain seriously high levels of absence. They may also be at risk of prosecution for failing to bring their child to school regularly which may result in being fined by the Authority.

Due to unacceptably high levels of pupil absence in recent school years, Phoenix Infant Academy have been instructed to ensure no holiday absence is authorised. School is closed for sufficient weeks each year for families to make arrangements to take holidays that do not impact upon their children’s education. Some requests for absence for exceptional reasons may be authorised, but all parents making the request must do so on a Leave of Absence form at least 2 weeks' in advance and will be interviewed by a senior teacher, the Deputy Principal or the Principal. This form can be found at the bottom of this page and must be completed and emailed to 


COVID-19 Attendance expectations

If you or your child are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, you/they MUST stay at home for 10 days from the first day you/they were symptomatic and arrange for a PCR test.

If a member of your household has symptoms, you, and all those who live with you over the age of 18 years and 6 months, must self-isolate for 10 days UNLESS you have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and at least 14 days have passed since your final dose.

In line with new Government regulations, no child on roll at Phoenix Infants will now need to self-isolate if identified as a close contact of someone who has symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19. We will ask for you to arrange for them to receive a PCR test, but this is not mandatory and your child may still continue to attend school whilst awaiting their results if you do decide to get them tested.

If you or your child have tested positive for COVID-19, you/they MUST stay at home for 10 days from the first day you/they were symptomatic or the date you/they tested positive if asymptomatic. You/they can only leave the house once the following criteria have BOTH been met:

  • The 10-day period is over;
  • You/they have not had a temperature for at least 48 hours.

If you/they test positive whilst not experiencing symptoms, but develop symptoms during an isolation period, you/they MUST restart the 10-day isolation period from the day you/they started developing symptoms.

In all the above scenarios, you will be expected to telephone us on the first day of your child's absence/self-isolation period and on the last working day to confirm your child's potential return to school.

If your child is sent home with symptoms, you must arrange for them to have a COVID-19 test straight away. As soon as you receive the results, you MUST communicate these to a member of the office team by telephoning 01753 521888. If you do not get through to a member of staff, do NOT leave a voicemail and do NOT come onto the school site; please email with all details. 

If the test comes back negative and you have followed the procedures above, your child may return to school on the next school day once you have received confirmation from Mrs Pelazza via the school office.

If the test comes back positive, you will be given a potential start date by the school. Your child may return to school only once you have received confirmation from Mrs Pelazza via the school office. In this instance, you will be expected to email a screenshot of a positive test result to the school office email address.


Please note, in all circumstances, your child will only be allowed to return to school following an isolation period once you have received confirmation from Principal, Mrs Pelazza. Please telephone the office staff on 01753 521888 who will liaise with Mrs Pelazza and confirm a re-start date with you.