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Phoenix Infant Academy

Autumn 1: Muck, Mess and Mixture

Messy is marvellous! Jump in and explore paints, liquids and a whole range of messy mixtures. How does it feel to get your hands covered in goo? What will you make? How will you create it?

For their first term in Year 2 the children research different artists before becoming artists themselves and setting up their own Art Gallery!

This really hands on learning project was created with the children's induction into Year 2 in mind. Aligning closely to the school's HERIOC values and the children's disposition to learning through play and imagination, this is the perfect learning project to support an effective transition, with lots of Art to carefully support the children as they continue their journey through Key Stage 1. 

See below the Curriculum Overview and information on progression in Knowledge, Skills and Vocabulary.